How to increase mobile sales during a cyber week?

mobile sales

Today is Thanksgiving Day! It means that all Americans people sit down at the same table with their relatives, cooking before traditional meals like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, and pumpkin pie. But what does it means for the business? The start of the holiday sales! We hope that you have already prepared the main activities that can drive engagement and retention for your users. So, now let’s focus on mobile sales. Take the pencil and check if you include these tips to your marketing strategy.

man What is the current mobile sales share?

According to the eMarketerRetail report, retail e-commerce sales reached $2.3 trillion in 2017 with the mobile share – 58.9%, or $1.4 trillion. Also, it is expected that mobile e-commerce could rake in some $3.5 trillion in 2021, and then make up more than 70% of e-commerce sales.


man And what the situation is during holidays?

Ok, in the 2017 mobile sales (smartphones and tablets) are totaled $35.9 billion. There is a 28% year-over-year increase.

  • sales via smartphones accounted for 23% of holiday sales, generating $25 billion
  • tablets 10% with $10.8 billion.

When compared with 2016, smartphones generated 21% of holiday sales, tablets 10% and desktops 69%. So, there is a slight growth in mobile share sales.

man What are the main tips?

Remember, that the main advantage of mobile shopping is its short on time and on the go. Therefore, you need to do it maximum as convenient and stress-free as possible. All the information we divided into 4 blocks. Let’s start with the first one.

Use the user-friendly interface

  • Check the buttons size. Make the BUY button huge and stand out
  • Check the content flow
  • Check the number of rows in the forms (shouldn’t have more than 4 to 5 fields)
  • Remove any slides
  • Put the items under the sale on the main page


attention block Attention

Make the BUY button huge and stand out


Social media for mobile

It is not a secret that consumers interact with social media the most via mobile devices. So, be ready to create a dual channel: social net – your site, your site – social net.

  • Include a visible share button (see Supsystic Social Share buttons plugin)
  • The most effective mobile social nets are Snapchat and Pinterest. Focus on them
  • Include the hashtags to your promotion
  • Use mobile video ads with subtitles if it possible


 attention block Attention

The most effective mobile social nets are Snapchat and Pinterest


Mobile marketing

Social nets and good UI are good things but do not forget about mobile marketing.

  • Send several mobile notifications
  • Coordinate them with the social posts and emails. Statistics show, that people need to see your message an estimated 7 times before they’ll act on it


attention block Attention

Send the mobile notifications with the other messaging at the same time



Popup ads

Probably you will use the popups on the website. But what to do with the mobile devices? Turn off? We have another solution.

  • Do not fill the main screen, better use top or bottom banners
  • Use exit intent ads for abandoned cart notifications. Choose the best among the templates in the Supsystic Popup plugin


attention block Attention

Do not fill the main screen, better use top or bottom banners


To sum up, the right mobile strategy can really boost your cyber week sales.

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