Why to Replace Your Blog with Membership Site

July 11, 2017Membership Plugin

Blogging is tough job – that’s the fact you cannot argue. Although there are numerous ways to monetize your blog you still often face one problem with monetization – the amount of funds you get is rarely adequate to value you bring.

Blogging Issues

Each blog post is a result of tremendous work and paid by the time you wasted to get the competence you acquired – this rate of competence allowed you to become blogger and provide valuable content. And the most important factor which impacts your income is traffic you get. The more traffic – the more is the income – this is the rule that generally works. Of course, there are more factors influencing your income – monetization type you use, demand on the ads market and your target audience specifications – however, traffic is still the most important.

There is a way to change the game for bloggers and get a regular income by replacing blog with membership website. There is a great difference between monetization approaches for blog and website with paid membership. When earning on blog you earn on clicks or hits which depends on traffic, but when earning on subscription you earn stable amount of funds on users that recognized content you produce as valuable.

Let’s consider the reasons you should run Membership website.

Reasons to Run membership Site

You gain more per user involved

Work on your Resource

If your blog is popular and your content is bringing value you definitely have users that return to your blog as they recognize value they get. You can get direct and stable cash flow from these users by enforcing paid membership. You will definitely gain per user that pays for membership then from user that clicks ads and creates activity on your blog.

You gain more for extra-valuable content

You surely have content that is extra-valuable for readers. Such a type of content can become a core for your membership site and due to its high value users are ready to pay for it. For example, if you describe practice cases you dealt with and problems you solved or results of research you conducted.

You build a community

Membership site allows you to build a community around your content. That means that users of your community have much more options to discuss and share your contents which leads to increase of activity, trust and user base as a result.

Launching Membership Site is easy

Membership site should have numerous features blog doesn’t have. However, that doesn’t mean you will have problems with launching it as you can use plugin to run membership site.

How to Create Membership Site?

You can create Membership site using Supsystic Membership plugin. It allows you to include all features that are necessary to run membership site.

First of all your users should be able to create, share and comment content using their profiles which also means there should be a news feed.

Membership site Advantages

This allows you to increase user engagement dramatically as when talking about blog users can only leave comments under your article and share your content via social buttons, so there is no concentration of activity on your blog.

Once you start Membership site you need to make sure you have a clear business model. It can be based either subscription model or single payment which opens an access to all content on your site. Anyway you will surely appreciate dripped content feature which allows you to control access issues to content.

Once you have defined business model it is time to define whether there will be Membership levels. If you enforce membership levelling you need to customize those. Here is where Membership Plugin by Supsystic can be used.

Membership site

When you make money on membership site you usually set up the main subject of your resource all the content is written on. However, sometimes you can also earn on other products as there is a high concentration of loyal target audience subscribed. So in order to provide sales for products in your membership site you can use WooCommerce Integration feature. It is fully customizable feature for online sales and numerous useful features. View demo.

Social Networks Integration&Login is one more valuable feature you should use to expand sharing and login options for your users. If user can import/export content and login to your website using social networks you gain usability and credits. It is clear about logging in but when talking about content export/import you should consider this option precisely. The thing is that is this option is enabled user will have more motivation to sign up and show activity on your website as he can sign in with activity feed filled with content.

Membership by Supsystic WordPress plugin is a great solution to build online communities.

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