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WordPress Table Plugin New Features

Mar 30, 2018
Wordpress Table Plugin

WordPress Table Plugin New Features

“There’s no limit to perfection”, told our programmers, improving our plugin for the work with tables. Widening the functionality of our soft, we widen the opportunities of the companies cooperating with us. Using our plugin, you optimize the process of your work and pry out the needful information, which the customers leave at the web-site. Multi-functionality of the Data Table WordPress plugin opens new perspective projection in the work of tables. It makes it not only more convenient, but also more involved. So, let’s look through the new possibilities of the easy table wordpress plugin by Supsystic:

Editable Fields of the End Table

Customers imperceptible engaged into the filling of form fields and share the data with you, as if they read some fashion magazine or play some interesting game. Using editable fields, you offer the best way of cooperation with the site-visitors, avoiding all strict instructions, but receiving concrete statistics. Users can put their own data in this table, clicking on those fields. More information on using this soft you can find here.

Drop Down List in Table Maker Plugin

Pro version of this WP data table plugin allows making drop down list: drop list in table maker plugin This table on your website will have the field with 5 options to choose. You can see the live result below:

WordPress Tables Plugin Editable fields and drop down list may be usefull in different spheres. You can enable table history and save the data, which each user puts on the table: table history It is possible to analyze your customers’ interests with the help of such information. You see the data, they put in the table, and make conclusions. The general statistical analyses could be done on the bases of such data or the preferences of the concrete user could be taken into account. It may help you to make the users right proposition. It is the good way of making market research.

Stacked Column Diagrams

The new functionality of Graphs plugin makes soft usage more creative and gives multi-options to the users. You may feel yourself at ease operating with it. Diagram They help easily display all data, you need. The diagrams, developed by our programmers, reify innovated IT solutions. These plugin functions distinctly display negative quantities, percents, and other necessary data. They could be applied in different brunches, including Business, Economics, IT sphere, etc. Eeasy Formating The new visual editor has more functions. Now, it is possible to change the font size and type without making alterations in CSS. New columns or rows are easy to add. Changing styles is also simple. Among the functions of the pluging there are marking all the rows and columns, clicking upper-left corner, and coppying styles while copying columns (e.g. Background color). Now there is an option for Exporting only end values to Excel. But if you’d like to save all formulas, you can choose the option “MS Excel 2007 Full”. export-data As you see, improved software from our company converts the routine job into some entertain adventure, which involves both: the employees of your company and customers. Follow our blog and we offer new innovations for improving your work essentially.

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