Animation Effects

Social Share plugin by Supsystic offers you wonderful collection of different animation effects. You can set animation for buttons and for icons inside the buttons. To see the effects – hover your mouse on the example.

Buttons animation:


Pulse [supsystic-social-sharing id=”7″]Shake [supsystic-social-sharing id=”9″]Swing [supsystic-social-sharing id=”10″]Tada [supsystic-social-sharing id=”11″]Wooble [supsystic-social-sharing id=”12″]RubberBand [supsystic-social-sharing id=”8″]

 Social Icons animation:


Pulse [supsystic-social-sharing id=”13″]Shake [supsystic-social-sharing id=”14″]Swing [supsystic-social-sharing id=”15″]Tada [supsystic-social-sharing id=”16″]Wooble [supsystic-social-sharing id=”17″]RubberBand [supsystic-social-sharing id=”18″]

In order to create Social Share buttons with such great animation effects –

  1. On the left navigation menu click “Add new project”.
  2. Enter the title of project and click “Create”.
  3. Go to Effects tab -> Animation section and choose effects for buttons and icons.
  4. Customize the other options.

Besides on the Effects tab you can activate Overlay Effect.

  • Overlay with shadow – [supsystic-social-sharing id=’49’]

What we, people, need? Love, love, love and sharing your wonderful moments with friends and people we love. Every good news, every beautiful photo, every funny moment, every beneficial idea or motivation info – we share them all. In centuries it was by ours voice sounds, nowadays it’s online in social sites. Nothing is forget if you have social share buttons and animated social media icons. Even if you forget about it’s exists, they will still work on you. How many nice people can you call in the morning to wish to have a perfect mood in the working day? 5 or 10? But how many people can wish to their friends to have cool day with your post and Social Share Buttons by Supsystic? Thousands, millions, Billions people in different corners of our Earth.

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