Social Sharing Widget

In order to add Social buttons on widgets area you need:

  1. Create your project on our Social Share buttons plugin
  2. Select required social networks
  3. On Main settings of your project choose to show buttons in Widget
  4. Social Share plugin Adding widget

  5. Save changes
  6. Go to Appearance -> Widgets
  7. Widgets Settings

    Here you have ability to manage all your widgets.

  8. To activate Social Sharing widget you need to drag it to a sidebar or click on it.
  9. You will be able to add a new widget to your Widget area. For example:

    Social Share plugin Widget

  10. After activating (or dragging), you need set Title of your widget:
  11. Social Share plugin Widget Setting

  12. To deactivate widget and delete its settings, drag it back or click on Delete button.

  13. In the case you want to see example how it can be displayed, follow this link.

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