When to show Popup

On the Main tab in When to show popup section you can choose when exactly to show popup –

  • When page load – you can set the delay in seconds.

    Here you can activate Count time from first site load option which show your Popup after the site load no matter user navigate to other pages.

  • When user click on the page – popup will appear after you click in any place on the page.
  • When user click on certain link / button / other element – you need copy & paste short code of popup – into required link to open PopUp on Click. Or, if you know HTML basics, – you can insert “onclick” attribute to any of your element from code that will be provided below. Or you can even use it for your Menu item, just add the code. Check more detail instructions – here.
  • When user scroll window – If the user scrolls the page it means he really something looking for and you can take advantage of this moment. You can set the delay in seconds or specify the percent of scroll when popup will be shown.

PRO features:

  • On Exit from site – is really helpful to increase your site usage, sales, subscribers, etc. It will show PopUp before user will try to exit from your site.
  • Bottom of the page – popup will appear on the bottom of the page.
  • After Inactivity – will shown when user was inactive on your page for some time. You can set the time of inactivity in seconds.
  • After User Comment – this will help you to interest active users on your site. If the user leaves comment on your site – it means he already interested, so you should act immediately, as they say “Strike while the iron’ s hot”
  • After Purchasing (Checkout) – you need copy & paste short code of popup on your Success checkout page content editor. Or, if you are using your own html/php for page – you can insert there code that will be provided.
  • On Link Follow – show popup when user open your site exactly by link, where in the end will be present #ppsShowPopUp_120. For example – http://test.com#ppsShowPopUp_120
  • Build-in Page – popup will be build-in page content as part of your page.
  • AdBlock Detected – popup will appear if in current user browser any adBlock is enabled.

In addition to one of this optionyou can enable Show in Admin Area, it will show PopUp in admin area too – like on frontend.

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