With Currency Tab you can

  • Create Currency
  • See and edit detailes of existed ones
  • Sort Currencies
  • Search by name or ID
  • Delete Currency

E-commerce Currency

Besides you can Back to the list of Membership levels without saving changes.

In order to create Currency click “Add new” and enter it’s parameters:

  • ISO Code of this Currency
  • Symbol – enter a sign that means needed currency
  • Thousands separator
  • Fractional separator – the sign bebween fractional and integer part of numbers
  • Fractional precision – the quantity of numbers after fractional separator
  • Currency value (corresponding to default currency)
  • Put symbol at left side? – if you check it will mean “yes”
  • Is default? – check to make this Currency as a default for your campaign

Creating Currency E-commerce

Don’t forget to “Save” your Currency

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