Membership Additional Shortcodes

You have ability to use Membership additional shortcodes for your special purposes. Here is the list:

  • [supsystic-membership-groups] – allows to display the current user groups Managed, Joined and groups invites
  • [supsystic-membership-activity] – recent main activity of the plugin users
  • [supsystic-membership-profile-activity] – user’s activity
  • [supsystic-membership-search] – search on users activity page
  • [supsystic-membership-profile] – current user’s profile
  • [supsystic-membership-members] – shows members directory
  • [supsystic-membership-contact_form] – integrated to Membership contact form
  • [supsystic-membership-registration] – registration page
  • [supsystic-membership-login] – displays login page
  • [supsystic-membership-joined-groups] – lists the groups current user had joined

E-commerce Pro Addon

  • [supsystic-membership-level-add-url] – gives you an ability to add Membership level to shopping cart. You should use this shortcode in url to add Purchase link to required page.
    Here is an example:

    <a href="[supsystic-membership-level-add-url id='5']">Purchase Me</a>

    where id='5' – an id, of required Membership level

  • [supsystic-membership-checkout] – checkout page
  • [supsystic-membership-checkout_success] – user will be redirected to this page after success checkout
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