Group creator privileges

Firstly, there was only one administrative role for group – administrator. Their amount may differ and all the administrators can manage and control the group. But it would be fair and necessary to add one with special privileges – for the one, who was in the very beginning – for a creator of the group.

What if creator would rely on administrators, and then, when some disputes begin, he couldn’t control the situation? That’s why we decided to implement a special role Creator with special privileges:

  • Access to ‘Privacy’ tab (you may find it between Main and Tags tabs in Settings menu).

Here he can change:

Community type – for Open, Closed, or Private type

Activity viewing – whether all users can view group activity or group members only can view activity

Activity post writing – administrators only can write posts/all users can write posts/ group members only can write posts

Members viewing – for group members only, for administrators only, or for all users.

Invitations – whether they may be sent from all group members, or only from administrators.

  • Delete group;

Administrator have only abilities regarding members list:

1. Block user;

2. Remove user from group


We hope this feature will be useful for your users to manage groups in peace and enjoy being a part of community with soulmates!


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