Membership and Twitter Apps Integration

To integrate Membership plugin with Twitter you need to create a Twitter App at first. In order to do that follow these simple steps:

    • Login to your Twitter account and follow this link.
    • Click on “Create New App” button.

New App in Twitter

    • Enter the name for this App, decription, website and callback url.

Please note, that Callback URL should look like this: http://[your website]/?oauth_callback

Callback URL in Twitter for Membership plugin

    • Agree with the Developer Agreement and click “Create your Twitter Application” button.
    • After that you will be redirected to the settings of your Publication. Select “Keys and Access Tokens” tab.

Keys and Access Tokens in Twitter

    • Copy the Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) and paste them in the settings of Membership plugin.

App Keys in Twitter

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