with Contact Form plugin

Membership plugin by Supsystic allows you to integrate with Contact Form plugin and gives you possibility to create Contact us page for your membership site.
For that, you should make following steps:

  1. Install Contact Form plugin by Supsystic and Activate it.
  2. Create new contact form with different settings.
  3. Enable Contact form for Membership plugin – above plugin settings choose Membership feature and activate it.
  4. Save the settings.

Contact Form - activating Membership feature

In this way you can create a variety of forms with original settings.
Next what you need to customize your Membership plugin. For this go to the Main tab of Membership plugin -> Pages section.

Membership-Contact Form settings

Here you will see list of page titles with one more – Contact us, where you can establish next parameters:

  • Select value – set your Contact form. Here you will see list of available contact forms with activated membership feature.
  • Select page – choose one of the existing pages (or create new page by clicking on Create page).

Membership - new page for Contact form

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If you want to find page with your contact form: go to WordPress Dashboard -> All pages.

One possibility of adding this page to your membership site – by using Menus tab. For this go to WordPress Appearance tab -> Menus -> select page -> click Add to menu button:

Membership - adding page with Contact Form

As a result, you will see your Contact us page at the Membership site menu:

Contact Form page at Membership site

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