Roles Settings offer you to manage with membership roles – create, edit or delete. By default there are three roles – Membership Administrator, Membership User and Membership Guest.

With Roles tab you are able to configure such settings –

  • Administrative permissions settings
    • Access to admin dashboard
    • See dashboard bar
  • Activities
    • Edit or delete other users activity
  • Profile settings
    • Delete their account
    • Access to user profiles with specific roles
    • Allow to change privacy settings
    • Apply WordPress role

    Membership Roles Settings

  • Groups settings
    • Create groups
    • Block groups
    • Join groups
    • Read groups
    • Block groups
  • Messages settings
    • Send and receive messages
  • Access to specific pages
    • Members page
    • Global activity page
    • Users profile activity page
  • Social
    • Add/remove friends
    • Follow/unfollow users
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