How to use shortcode of Purchase button?

With Membership E-Commerce addon you can use Purchase button shortcode where you want on your membership site:

[supsystic-membership-level-add-url id="1"] , where 1 – is ID of your membership level.


In order to insert this shortcode into Purchase button you need:

  • go to your page editor and set the name of button
  • click on Insert/edit link button
  • open Link options by clicking on:
  • Membership-plugin-Purchase-button

  • paste your shortcode in the URL field
  • Membership plugin-Insert/edit link

  • click on Add link button

In order to edit or remove link just click on the word you set:


After finishing all this steps you will have Purchase button by clicking on it you will redirecting on Membership level page.

Note! You need to add this shortcode only in Visual editor. Don’t forget to click Update/Publish button!

Also you can use this shortcode in different plugins which support shortcodes. For example, in our Pricing Table plugin.

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