Basic templates are displayed when reffering to a specific page and can include additional templates or extend general basic template.


Basic directory membership-by-supsystic/src/Membership/Activity/views

  • index.twig General page Activity.
  • profile-activity.twig Called when additional shortcode is being processed. [supsystic-membership-profile-activity id="1"]
  • search.twig Template of the Search page.


Basic directory membership-by-supsystic/src/Membership/Auth/views

  • login.twig Template of the Login page.
  • registration.twig Template of the Registration page.


  • membership-by-supsystic/src/Membership/Base/views/error.twig Used when displaying general errors.


Basic directory membership-by-supsystic/src/Membership/Design/views

  • styles.twig Used to override styles which are set in the plugin settings, in the section Design.


Basic directory membership-by-supsystic/src/Membership/Groups/views

  • activities.twig Template of a page with a list of all activity of the group.
  • activity.twig Template of a page with specified activity of the group.
  • group.twig General group page template.
  • groups.twig Template with the list of all groups. Used when reffering to Groups page.
  • members.twig Template with a list of group subscribers. Used when reffering to a page of group users.
  • members.twig Template of a page with group settings.


Basic directory membership-by-supsystic/src/Membership/Messages/views

  • messages.twig Template of Messages page in user’s profile.


Basic directory membership-by-supsystic/src/Membership/Notifications/views

  • Notifications.twig Template of Notifications page in user’s profile.


Basic directory membership-by-supsystic/src/Membership/Users/views

  • about.twig Template of About page in user’s profile.
  • account-confirmed.twig Used to display messages that the account is confirmed by the administrator.
  • ativities.twig Template of a page with a list of user’s activity.
  • ativity.twig Template of a page withspecified activity of the user.
  • comments.twig Template of a page with list of user’s comments.
  • error.twig Template of an error page in the user’s profile.
  • followers.twig Template of a page with list of user’s followers and follows.
  • friends.twig Template of a page with list of user’s friends.
  • group.twig Template of a page with list of user’s groups.
  • members.twig Template of Members page. Displays list of all available users.
  • messages.twig Template of a page with user’s messages.
  • notifications.twig Template of a page with user’s notifications.
  • password-chaged.twig Used to display messages that user’s password was changed.
  • posts.twig Template of a page with list of all user’s posts.
  • profile.twig General template of user’s profile.
  • settings.twig Template of a page with user’s settings.
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