Different Layers

Google Maps Easy supports multiple layers: Google Maps standard transit, bicycle and traffic layers, as well as figures layers with polygon, polyline and circle. Plugin also provides support for KML and Heatmap Layer.

Transit, bicycle and traffic layers

You have several options for your map to bring more information to your users with adding integrated by default layers:

  • Bicycle – there are many bicyclists, so adding this layer will make them grateful for such a consideration
  • Traffic – let your user know about traffic jams to choose the best route
  • Transit – extremely valuable for users that prefer to use public transport


With such layers you are making navigation easier for your customer. All three can be in use depending on your target audience. However, if these are not enough you can always add your own layer in KML format.

KML Layer

UsingKML Import feature you ate able display different geographic information with KML files in your Google Map. It allows to create and customize map and quickly add points, lines, and shapes on top of any Google Map.  Really easy to use, moreover, customers can hide some KML layers or sub-layers and check only that information they need.



Sometime, there are some things that can be represented visually only. With Figures Feature, you can create polygon and circle shapes and polylines on your map with an easy to use interface. It is perfect to specify a particular area or represent the exact rout on map.



Heatmap layer is useful if you have too many points which need to place on the map, or many points which are too close to each other, making it difficult to distinction. Rather than placing a marker at each location, heatmaps use color to represent the distribution of the data. It is one of the most requested features, and an extremely common map visualization type, especially prevalent in weather, travel, social areas.


Layers of Google Maps Easy can be set up in a single click. You do not need to be an advanced user to use all of this plugin’s opportunities and even if you have any problems with plugin there are complete guides and client-oriented support available 24/7.