WooCommerce Product Table WordPress plugin by Supsystic

Create beautiful, responsive WooCommerce Product Table. Add filters, searching, sorting, pagination and other options in one click.

WooCommerce Product Table

  • List products with searchable, filterable, responsive WooCommerce Product Table.
  • Perfect for product list views, order forms, wholesale, product catalogues & more.
  • Increase sales with the amazing product table WordPress plugin.
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This plugin is has been retired, and will no longer be supported.
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Video tutorial
How to Create your First WooCommerce Product Table
One more advantage of the WooCommerce Product Table WordPress Plugin is easiness of Product Tables creation. First, you should install it, making three simple steps:
  1. Download plugin WooCommerce Product Table for WordPress by Supsystic.
  2. Upload it to your WordPress plugins directory.
  3. Activate and enjoy.
Then, to create the first Product  Table, click “Add New Table” in the left navigation menu, enter the Product Table's title and click the “OK” button. Move to the WooCommerce Tab. The WooCommerce product table plugin allows to add and display the products in a table, simply select the products from the list, set the table's properties and use all necessary options to customize product tables follow your requirements. More detail information you can find here – How to Create WordPress WooCommerce Product Table.
Which table properties can I display in the product table?
WooCommerce Product Table gives you full control over the properties displayed in the table. Your WooCommerce product table can include any of the following columns: Product attributes, Categories, SKU, Add to cart button, Summary, Date, Price, Product Thumbnail, Reviews. You are able to display each type as a separate column in the product table. Also, it is possible to make your custom headings for any column, just editing the title.
Will it work fine if I have hundreds of products?
Of course. You can add as many products as you need and use the Pagination option. This option minimizes product table and divide it into digital pages, prevents any performance issues, speed up the load time and optimize the website.
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