4 Ways To Simplify WordPress Site Life

04.10.2017Supsystic Plugins

Not every creature has eyes on our planet Earth, some gets information by smell, sound/ electromagnetic waves or pseudopods, like Amoeba. Fortunatelly we have eyes, since that it becomes the main sense of feeling – we get more than 90% of information of our World with them. Especially in the third Millennium, Epoch of technologies, visual builders and configurators. Even now, scientists predict future people will evolutionate bigger eyes soon, due to interactive glasses and lens.

WordPress Site Life

That’s why no wonder that most shared content belongs to Media, like videos and images. So, in order to grow your site popularity you need to provide as much useful media as you can. We have an Ultimate WordPress plugins that allows you to organise your media data in wonderful appearance, that catches souls and satisfies your site visitors fantasy. Just install all of them and feel how plugins can make you life easier and site brighter.

  • Gallery. Pictures sea association has never been so touching before, with various live caption effects and categories you will find exactly what you need. Provide your extremely fresh look with Post Feed and Circle Gallery by pouring resent materials from Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram.

    Choose needed Gallery Type at plugin page and forget about issues with unresponsive modes.

  • Slider. Woven photos and posts with innovative modes – Jssor, Bx and Coin can impress even strict design critics. Actually, they allow you to charm photos by captions, animation, links in esthetic showcast of Carousel, Postfeed, Video, HTML or complexing debut of the Slider Plugin.

  • Digital Publications. If it’s like you to start with unusual way and provide unique atmosphere on you site, Digital Publication plugin is the choice for you! Use any type of content to create Digital Publication and let customers to download it in PDF or HTML to spread it everywhere on every device.

Every site must have

Imagine perfect site. How it can be real without Social Share Buttons, Contact Form and Coming Soon? You are right!

  • Social Share Buttons. The best way to grow attendance on you site is to install Supsystic plugin. It allows you not only explore it with different animations, but add Social Sites in the future, if they become more popular than Facebook.

    You can read more about Supsystic Social Share Buttons plugin here.

  • Contact Form is like all hearing ears for your online bud. Is it interesting to communicate with auditory if you can’t hear people’s problems and improvements about your site? Begin right now and let your site be more modern then a day before! Implement Contact Form by Supsystic to footer or header and know everything. Also, you can use contact form in non standard ways to optimise everyday site routine work like it shown here.
  • Booking Form

  • There is no best way to run your startup but Coming Soon mode. Begin getting money having only one unexceptional and genius instrument – Coming Soon plugin. Can’t believe your eyes/ears? This plugin can make you a winner even in most unexpected situations, while concurrents failing, your business is growing. Equipped with counter and armed by editable templates can make you clients feel satisfied even if your site is under construction.
  • How to make you site Coming Soon by Supsystic Plugin

Simple information delivery

Want your clients and partners feel your numbers strongly and appreciate you choice? It’s simpler than never! Taste our Data Tables Generator, Pricing Tables and Newsletter plugins.

  • Try diagrams by Data Tables Generator it’s so adjustable plugin, that you can make pagination, sorting of your table as you wish, even though provide Editable Fields and Freeze Header!
  • Pricing Tables by Supsystic inspires you to create attractive and energetic pricing tables with ultra sensitive and user friendly pricing tables. It can be realized in life due to it’s Drag and Drop builder. Begin with Pricing Tables in a moment!
  • Newsletter – simple and direct delivery to the client. No extra skills required. Just permit you clients to sign up for your mailing with Newsletter Subscribe form right under your new project and adjust Automated Newsletters with Dynamic Content.That’s all. They will receive your Newsletters without any additional movements. Easy Newsletter, yeap?
  • Veggy Newsletter Template

For making money

Increasing your bank score isn’t so difficult as it seems, in modern life you can do it sitting at home in pijama and managing everything with your PC. Here is the list of our Supsystic plugins that suits ideal for this purposes

  • Popup – maybe the bestseller plugin in the world. It can force your Subscribe Lists grow as Jack’s bean tree and bring money to your site by marvellous features. How? Come here and Popup will impress you.
  • Pricing Tables. Everybody wants to know how much you products cost, no matter they are going to buy or not. But your pricing dislaying can increase sales with Pricing Tables in several minutes. It’s applications already made accordingly to psyhological choice to feel captured in one glance!

    Dr. Adam House

    Speciality: Obstetrician

    Year Experience: 12

    Hospital Rank

    Dr. Mike House

    Speciality: Obstetrician

    Year Experience: 10

    Hospital Rank

    Dr. Anna Lauren

    Speciality: Obstetrician

    Year Experience: 10

    Hospital Rank

  • Membership. Our Newborn Star had raised on the sky to pervade you with light and warm at any cold time, or give patience and refresh when you are in a rush. Membership logically and benefitially will grow your business in high technologied space. Only you and your Members Directory with clients list, Social Login and Subscriptions, sales and profits – all in one plugin. Change the World now or try Demo.

    You can read more bout Membership on it’s page.

    Membership Plugin Example

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