How to create Popup on click inside Data Table?

Data Tables plugin by Supsystic provides you integration with Popup plugin by Supsystic and gives you a possibility to insert popup into the rows of the table.

In order to create Pop Up on click inside Data Table follow next steps:

    1. Go to Main tab of the Popup plugin.
    2. Choose Click on certain link / button / other element option and Copy this code:

When to show Popup tab

    1. Save your Popup settings.
    2. Go to Data Tables plugin and open needed table.
    3. Choose the cell for Popup and click Create a Link:

Data Table Create a link button

    1. Paste your popup code inside URL field and click Insert:

Data Table Insert Url popup

    1. Save your Table settings.
    2. Open your theme file footer.php for editing via FTP or through WordPress admin area(Appearance->Editor).
    3. Add there a line:
<?php do_shortcode('')?>

Note! this code must be inserted above the line – php wp_footer();
For example, in Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme: Theme Footer (footer.php):

Popup insert to Theme footer

  1. Click on Update file button.
  2. Check the result on the frontend.
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