Activity Page

On Membership Activity Page you can view all news of your Community! Activity page will be created by default after plugin installation. Membership plugin divides news feed into:

  • Activity of specific profile/group
  • Overall Activity
  • Social Network Integration

Activity of specific profile/group

Includes only posts of specific user profile or specific group. This news you can find on Activity tab of User Profile or Group.

Activity tab of Membership profile

Overall Activity

  • For Membership user – all news of this membership user, his friends or followed users, joined or followed groups. Besides Activity allows you to filter news – you can choose the Subscriptions activity, Popular activity (most popular posts for current day) or Site wide (selected by default) activity of the website.

    Also you can filter news by Activity type – Posts, Photos, Shares, Likes, Comments, Groups, Social (all activities about new registrations, friendship etc.), Forum (activities from bbPress forum). In order to enable/disable activity types – simply click on items, enabled types will be with green icon, disabled types – with red icon.

Activity Filter of Membership plugin

  • For Membership Guest – all news of Membership Community.

Also Overall Activity includes news about – new registered users, new friendship or follows, creation of new group.

Membership Overall Activity

With Activity Feed membership users will be able –

    • post different content

Publish new post in membership activity

    • edit and delete own content

Membership post actions in Activity

    • like, comment or share the posts of each other

Like, comment and share posts with Membership plugin

    • report about unacceptable content

Report about unacceptable content

    • group owners are given the opportunity to post from user profile or profile of the group

Membership group post

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Activity page/tab allows you to post such content –

  • text
    Membership post with text
  • links
    Membership post with links
  • images
    Membership post with images
  • videos
    Membership post with videos
  • hashtags, which makes it easier for users to find posts with a specific theme or content
    Membership post with hashtags

Social Network Integration

PRO Extension allow you to post your minds in Membership Activity and at the same time share them via Facebook and Twitter accounts. Membership Social Network Integration addon allows you to import posts from your Membership Activity to Social Networks and vice versa.

Setup and Settigns

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