Groups Settings

Groups page will help you to customize appearance and settings of groups on frontend of your Membership community.

  • Specify the Group Logo Size
  • Specify Logo Thumbnails Sizes – large, medium, small.
  • Set the Default Logo Image
    Membership Groups Tab
  • Choose the Default Cover Image
  • Specify the Group Cover Size
  • Specify Cover Thumbnail Sizes – medium and small.
  • Select Group Permalink Base – what data to use in the link of user’s profile – group alias or group ID. E.g. “http://supsystic/groups/natural-world/” or “http://supsystic/groups/1/”.
  • Membership Gropus Cover

At Group invites section you can customize your permission of the invitation:

  • Select Who can invite to the group – All or Specific roles.
  • Select Who can be invited to the group – Everyone or Friends only.

Membership Gropus Permalink and Invites

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