Friends Inside Membership

Sep 14, 2017

Friends Inside Membership

When you want to begin personal site community, it’s no time to let the grass grow under your feet. Begin now and don’t look around. Where to start? Start from scratch. Installed RoadFighter Theme and Membership by Supsystic. Logged in to the admin area and get off hand from the mouse. As the first wish is to close and uninstall plugin — so many options and features you see. This is dilemma of power and usability. But no reason to worry about, everything is much easier, than on the first sight. So try to relax and let’s run Membership powerful machine. Turning begins at the Main / Pages section. Click to create all pages like Profile, Members, Groups and others and then save what you made. Now navigate to the Main / Main section (little weird yeah? I proud that there’s no “Main” checkbox in the Main / Main section). Let’s designate membership plugin to know who is general, write down your admin email there. Turn off or on Friends and Messages and all other profile tabs as they’re really cool and free. Friends Inside Membership Move Down to customize Groups settings. With Groups feature user can post their local news or discuss specific tasks. Like “Daiquiri over the world” where you’ll get ban for the receipt “Daiquiri with Salt” forever in any place except of this one. Activity is the really cool social feature to post any news on the wall and get news of your follower, groups, posts activity. Where to configure it? Open Design Tab and above you will see Activity section.

  • Followers – this is standard feature to follow each other and to be in touch through activity. On the other side – it belongs to security settings, so only Follower or Followers can see some part of your profile.
  • Posts – allow you to post from your personal account to the community with standard WordPress post.
  • You can also turn on Comments Tab of the profile, otherwise – no comments.

Here are the details. Example Of First Membership Profile Now if you go to Registration page you see standard registration fields. But we create unique community that will break the rules, so we need more options. You can adjust your nonstandard fields on the Fields section of Profile tab. First of all create two sections for the main and Special additional info. Moreover, some fields can be missed on registration so user change them in community in personal account section. For example, add fields to each section. Some will be mandatory and some not. Create fields for:

  • City (dropdown)
  • Education (Radio)
  • And Favorite cocktails (Checkbox)

Special Registration Fields Don’t forget to turn on Google reCaptcha option. So robot invaders can’t join your community. Login and Registration page had been transformed absolutely. Login Page Example Now community is ready for new members where everyone can see other members, post any activity, create and join different Groups and send private Messages. See it’s easy. Download Membership now and try by yourself and don’t miss one of the 10+ BEST WORDPRESS MEMBERSHIP PLUGINS 2017.

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