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With WordPress Membership plugin you will be able to set front-end registration and login on your site without any efforts. After installation and activation Membership by Supsystic automatically will be created Membership Login and Registration pages. Simply add these pages to your site menu.

Registration Page

Fields for Registration you can configure on Profile tab -> Registration Fields section. Here you can create fields of different types (text, email, password, date, checkbox etc). If you want to use field on Registration page – check the “Registration” checkbox for this field. Besides here you can make some fields required for filling. On Registration page fields can be displayed in different section, therefore create corresponding sections for different fields and don’t forget to specify them for fields. Read more about Registration Fields.

Our Membership solution allows you to choose three variant of registration process –

  • Auto – after registration will be automatically created and activated the membership account for user.
  • Email confirmation – after registration user will receive the confirmation message on his/her email address. To activate the account, he/she will need to click the link inside the confirmation letter to confirm the email address.
  • Administrator confirmation – in this case after the new user registration – administrator will receive Pending Review Email. In this letter administrator can check the information about new user and make the decision – approve or reject the account. To make decision – go to Users page in WordPress menu -> find the user profile -> click Edit -> choose the Status for account – Active or Rejected. Besides here you can select another statuses – Deleted, Disabled, Pending Review. After the administrator will choose the status – user will receive the email about the admin decision.

This option you can find on Profile tab. Also on Mails tab -> Emails section you will be able to enable and edit emails templates for registration. With Mails tab -> Notifications section you have ability to set admin email address on which you want to receive notifications, enable and edit notifications templates. Check more about Mails Settings.

Membership Registration Page

Login Page

Membership Login includes such features –

  • Login form
  • “Remember me” checkbox for saving your login data
  • Reset password functionality
  • Ability to create new membership account

Membership Login Page

You can customize the appearance of Registartion and Login pages on Design tab -> Registartion and Login section. Learn more about Design Settings.

And last but not the least – Membership by Supsystic offers you to set redirection of users to specific pages after login or registration on your site. Check it on Main tab of plugin settings. Choose the Redirection page after such actions – Registration, Login, or Logout. By default plugin will redirect user to his Profile page (or to Main page for Logout variant), but you can change this and specify your custom URL for redirection.

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