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WordPress Slideshow plugin by Supsystic can make your site more attractive, because it allows you to create splendid slideshows from images and videos. Many professional templates and options are available in this plugin. You can easily make responsive slideshows without any special skills – all that you need for this is WordPress Slider Plugin by Supsystic.

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How to create your first Slider
One more advantage of the Slider WordPress Plugin is easiness of Slider creation. First, you should install the plugin, making three simple steps:
  1. Download Slider by Supsystic plugin.
  2. Upload it to your WordPress plugins directory.
  3. Activate and enjoy.
Then, to create the first Slider, click “Add New Slider” in the left navigation menu, enter the Slider's name, choose template and click “OK” button. Your first Slider is ready and you may choose its configuration. More info "How to Create a Slider in WordPress" for the first time users.
Most widespread reasons for Slider plugin non-working
 If you have some problem with our Supsystic plugins follow our recommendations to rectify typical error:
  1. One of the typical errors could be nonidentical URLs of WP Adress and Site Adress. Both URLs should be identically with or without “www”. To clarify this, check the configuration of the web-site.
  2. The errors in other WordPress codes could block the work of our WordPress plugin. The problem would be solved with the correction of the errors in other WP codes not connected with Supsystic plugins. Contact our internal support and we will solve the problem in shortest terms. You may also change the theme with wrong codes or apply to the programmers of your site to correct the errors in the codes.
  3. The problem could be in the update of WP. Check whether your WP plugin is compatible to our plugin, if it isn’t so contact us.
  4. Theme script stopped working and by this way it stopped the work of our plugin's scripts. At this case there are two ways out: You apply to the developers of your theme and they should solve the problem or contact our internal support and we will solve it.
  5. Conflicts with styles of your theme or other plugins are actual. Folow our tips on this link to correct the errors.
  6. Installing new plugins or updating them, clear each time the cache of your site and browser.
  7. Use only the latest (updated) versions of our plugins
  8. If you see white death screen instead of admin area page or could’t reach the site you may follow our tips on this link or contact us.
Read our “FAQs and Documentation” if you meet any problem, arguably you would find the solution of it there.  
Tips for Solving Problems More Faster
We are always trying to help our users as soon as it possible. But we can’t control the other developers. Therefore bad code of other plugins or templates can provoke a lot of problems. We can help you more faster if you’ll try to analyze and describe the problem in more details. For this, follow the next suggestions. Read more..
How to prepare images for the slideshow?
In order to create an incredible slider, at first you need to prepare your images.
  1. Determine the width and height of the slider.
  2. The width of the photos should be not less than the width of the slider.
  3. The height of the photos should be not less than the height of the slider too.
Best of all to pick up or make the pictures somewhere about size of slider or a little bit bigger.
How to add slider into site content?
You can add slider to your site content via shortcode or php code. Learn more about how to do this here.
How to create Video Slider?
Add video to slider with PRO version of Slider by Supsystic. Our plugin supports such platforms as Youtube and Vimeo. Video slides will display a video in your slideshow directly from Vimeo or Youtube. See Video Slider example.
How to create slider with HTML content?
Create amazing slides with HTML content without any programming skills! Simply using our PRO feature - HTML Slide Editor. Go to HTML to HTML tab of image and click “HTML Slide Editor”. Read more detail about HTML support slider.
How to create Post Feed Slider?
With PRO version of Slider by Supsystic you can show off your site content - add posts and pages to your slider. As with all our other slide types a Post Feed slide can appear in combination with any other slide type. Here you can enjoy examples of post feed slider - Post Feed and Post Feed Carousel.
How to add awesome Thumbnails navigation to slider?
With PRO version of Slider by Supsystic you can add amazing thumbnail scroller to your slideshow. The scroller is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). Read more detail about how to create such Thumbnails Slider.
How to show the newest posts?
Slider plugin by Supsystic allows you automaticaly show your latest posts in slider. In upper left corner of slider settings activate "Auto Posts" and set the number of posts. Don't forget to save the settings. Slider will show the number of your latest posts, that you have specified in settings.
Get Free Slider Pro version for Translation
All available languages are provided with the Supsystic Slider plugin. If your language isn’t available, your plugin will be in English by default. Available Translations: English, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Dutch, French, German, Hebrew (Israil), Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian (Bokm?l), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Mexico). Translate Slider WordPress plugin in your language and get a Premium license for FREE. Contact us.
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